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Tips to Deal with Hip and Knee Issues at Work

When you have pain in your knee or hip, it makes doing even the routine tasks difficult. From climbing stairs to walking and standing for long hours, nothing seems easy. The condition may worsen if your job is physically demanding and requires you to be on your toes all day long.

This is when getting relief from joint pain becomes necessary in order to perform your daily tasks. While most people rely on heavy drugs like opiates to get instant relief from pain, there are other ways to deal with hip and knee issue at work.

Here we enlisted some tips involving physical therapy, exercises, and natural remedies to not only help you alleviate hip and knee issues but also improve joint functions.

Tips to Deal with Hip and Knee Issus at Work

#1 | Do Some Yoga Before Going to Work

How about getting your muscles working before you go to workplace and begin your routine tasks?

Morning yoga or exercises are great to activate your muscles and engage them before you start the day. It may support your joints and muscles the rest of the day. If you do not have much time, you can start your day with simple exercises.

Lie down on your back, bend your legs by keeping feet flat, and hip wide apart on the surface. Try to raise your hips off the floor by pressing down the ankles while tightening abdominal muscles. Hold the position for at least five seconds and slowly lower the hips.

#2 | Use Some Heat

Warming up the painful knee or hip joint is not something very uncommon, but doing it at your workplace may seem little difficult. You can keep a hot water pack or bottle and soothe your joints whenever you get time. Don’t use it for hip pain if you have bursitis as it may make inflammation worse.

#3 | Strengthen Outer Thigh

The physical exercise is effective if you suffer from hip arthritis. All you need is a little space to lie down, lift the leg with pain up, and hold the position for three seconds and then lower down. Doing three sets may instantly reduce the hip pain.

#4 | Avoid any High Impact Activity

Walking, or climbing stairs may aggravate your joint pain especially knee pain. It is best to avoid moving frequently.

#5 | What Else

Most physical therapists prescribe the following exercises and activities aimed at targeting your specific condition, such as:

  • Knee lifts

  • Heel-to-buttock-exercises

  • Hip rotations

  • Hip flexion abductor exercises, or extension

  • Mini-squats

  • Hamstring curls

  • Leg lifts

  • Step exercises

Summing Up

All in all, while dealing with hip and joint pain is not easy at work, the best way to relieve or reduce the pain is to consult an expert orthopedic surgeon such as Dr. Hill. A professional surgeon can help you get rid of the chronic joint pain by suggesting exercises or joint replacement therapy. Call Dr. Hill’s orthopedic facility to get a free consultation about your joint pain!

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