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For Physicians

Dr. Hill is actively seeking patient referrals from physicians in Southeast Michigan. If you are a physician, consider Dr. Hill's orthopedic specialties when you hear from patients struggling with hip and knee pain. 

Your patients will be treated with the highest level of care and the utmost compassion by Dr. Hill who is:

  • Macomb County's only member of the prestigious American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons.

  • A fellowship-trained specialist in hips and knees who has performed thousands of replacement surgeries.

  • A surgeon who makes it a point to personally meet with patients before and after surgery.

You can rest assured that the patients you refer to Dr. Hill will remain your patients. Dr. Hill promises to:

  • Perform surgery at the hospital of your choice so that you may stop in and check on your patients.

  • Refer your patients back to you for follow-up care, physical therapy and other services you may offer.

  • Consult with you to determine the best procedures and approaches for caring for you patients.

Submit Your Preferences to Dr. Hill

Take a few minutes to let Dr. Hill know how you'd like your patients cared for. Answering this short survey now will save time in the future, allowing us to schedule your patients as soon as possible and keep you informed throughout the process.

Thanks for submitting!

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