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Multimodal Therapies –All you Need To Know

What Are Multimodal Therapies?

Multimodal therapy is a psychological approach developed by Arnold Lazarus. This psychotherapy was designed to manage pain in patients suffering from various medical illnesses. This therapy consists of different modalities that can be selected as per the patient's needs. Lazarus came up with different techniques that the therapist can use to help out, patients with their pain management.

The technique is called BASIC ID. It focuses on the social aspect of learning along with communication theories. The therapy is based around the idea that humans are not only biological beings but also experience modalities such as senses, imagination, can think, feel and interact with those around them. For therapists to deliver therapy they are required to understand and address the modalities of different patients in order to address their mental illnesses. Here are the seven dimensions therapists must be vary of:


B stands for Behavior- This includes the basic behavior a patient's exhibits. It can include personal habits along with body gestures.

A stands for Affect - This includes the emotions that a patient showcases.

S stands for Sensation- This includes aspects such as the physical feelings a patient is experiencing. It can be pain, stress or any other physical aspect.

I stands for Imagery - This includes the mental image a patient is having and is able to describe.

C stands for Cognition- In cognition you can find any negative thoughts and or beliefs.

I stands for Interpersonal Relationships - Here the therapist will judge the ability of the patient of making and being able to sustain healthy relationships.

D stands for Drugs- This aspect includes all the paradigms of physical health. It can also include the use or abuse of drugs.

Using these dimensions a therapist is able to take an in-depth look in to the lives of their patients.

How Does Multimodal Therapy Work?

As mentioned previously therapists start with analyzing patients using the BASIC ID model. Once that the analysis is complete In the first session the therapist and patients sit together and decide on the issues that a patient is facing along with the treatments they can use. After a list of all the possible problems is prepared the therapist will move to in-depth research that will include questionnaires for the patient to fill out. This will help the therapists to understand the problem at hand and all the possible treatments. The next step is the designing of a treatment plan to be acted upon.

Should You Go For Multimodal Therapy?

If no other treatment has worked well in your favor, it is best that you give this a try. You can reach out to Derek L. Hill who is an orthopedic hip and knee expert. His services can help you treat your knee and joint pain with the help of Multimodal therapies. His directed assistance has helped several people with their ailments along with pain management.

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