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Joint Replacement- What is New

Why Do You Need To Get Your Joints Replaced?

Having faulty joints can take quite a toll on you. The loss of motion can be very difficult to deal with and you might be in for joint replacement surgery. Before it comes to that, you must have tried several different kinds of treatments, and sadly none of them worked. It is quite possibly your last resort.

So the question is, why exactly do you want a joint replacement? What will it accomplish?

Have you been unable to move around the house? Having bad joints can hinder your mobility and that can have a very negative impact on your life. It may even cause great depression. In addition to that, the pain can easily become unbearable. Once it is unbearable, the rest of your life might get greatly disrupted. It is because of the pain and immobility that you might want to get your joint replaced as soon as possible.

Getting a joint replacement such as that of the knee and hip, can bring a great deal of change in your life. It can help you become more mobile than you were before. You might finally be able to do the things you must have been putting off for the longest of time. This is why getting a replacement works well in your favor. The interesting part is that there have been many advancements in the joint replacement industry that make it a lot easier and successful to get a replacement.

What Advancements Have Been Made In Joint Replacement?

Artificial Intelligence

The introduction of artificial intelligence in every field has brought about many changes. When it comes to joint replacement AI can help view each case in great depth and come with a personalized plan of action. It has also shed light on the path of robots. Surgical robots can be of great use to operate on patients with joint replacement surgeries. The efficiency of AI can help surgeons come up with better treatments that ensure after-surgery care for patients.

3D Printing

When it comes to implant designs there have been great advancements as 3-D printers can help you map out just the kind of implant you are looking for. You can include the measurements of your patients and get an implant that is exactly according to size. The joints are very specific in design and making them using the traditional way can be quite difficult. This is why 3D printing is the best choice.

Who Should You Contact For Joint Replacement?

If you think it is finally time for you to get your joint replaced you must contact an experienced orthodontist. There is a lot at stake here you cannot take the risk of getting help from just any doctor. Finding the best one is more than important. Dr. Derek L. Hill is a popular name and has performed countless joint replacement surgeries. His patients are very satisfied with his services and go on with their lives to recommend his expert services to others.

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