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How can You Prevent Osteoarthritis?

If you feel pain while moving your fingers, knees, hips, and joints, you might have osteoarthritis. In medical terminology, the disease refers to swollen joints caused by the ruptured cartilage tissues - an elastic tissue that covers the bones.

If you have been relying on medicines and pain relievers to treat your condition and found them ineffective in the long run, it may be the right time to reconsider your treatment options.

Remedies such as physical or occasional therapy maintain blood sugar levels. And regular exercise may help you increase the mobility in your damaged joints, shaping you into a more active person. Most importantly, you need to pay attention to joint pain (of any type) and consult experienced surgeons like Dr. Derek L. Hill to find the best treatment for your problem.

There are some ways that your surgeon can recommend you to live a healthy and pain-free life. Here is a breakdown of some effective ways to prevent osteoporosis.

But, before we dive into the details, let’s quickly overview some warning signs or symptoms to identify osteoarthritis to help your doctor find the right treatment for you.

You may have osteoarthritis if you are experiencing;

  • Severe pain in your joints

  • Joint pain that occasionally intensifies- especially in cold weather or with an increasing workload

  • Pain that gets worse during day hours

  • Pain that radiates from your thighs, groin, or buttocks

  • Constant swelling in your joints

  • Difficulty in performing routine activities like taking the stairs

  • Joint stiffness

How to Prevent Osteoarthritis

Though there is no permanent cure for osteoarthritis, the pain and symptoms can be managed with the help of some effective therapeutic remedies.

Keeping a Healthy Weight

If you’re obese, it may put stress on the joints. Extra fat can also cause changes in your soft bone tissues and pain in the knees, feet, and ankles. You must maintain a healthy body weight to prevent osteoarthritis.

Have an Active Lifestyle

Make sure you lead a healthy and active lifestyle to prevent any problems in joints. Exercising can keep the muscles and joints strong. It is also an important part of arthritis treatment.

Prevent Joint Injury

Keep in mind that any type of joint injury may increase your risk of developing osteoarthritis. Make sure you do gentle stretches and movements when exercising to prevent injury to your ligaments, joints, and muscles.

How to Reduce the Symptoms

Arthritis patients often avoid activities that include movements as it may increase their pain. However, lack of mobility increases stiffness in the joints and exacerbates pain. In regard to this, physical therapy like stretching or aerobics can reduce pain significantly.

Moreover, physicians commonly recommend physical therapy treatments to strengthen damaged joints. It helps manipulate the weak joints and reduces inflammation.

Summing Up

Condition like osteoarthritis causes severe inflammation in bones and cause excruciating pain. However, with the tips mentioned above, you can reduce the severity of and even prevent the condition.

Get in touch with Dr. Derek L. Hill to learn more about osteoarthritis and how you can restore your joints.


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